Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Sky is Falling!! NOT!!!

It’s all over the news. Our economy is going down the tubes. Regardless of what the media and our politicians would have us believe, the sky is not falling. The greedy corporations are feeling the pain. Those of us looking to make a fast buck may have gotten caught in the peak of the real estate surge. So what! When you take a risk – sometimes it pays off and sometimes it doesn’t.

Isn’t that what Capitalism is all about? We all have opportunities. Are we more concerned about how we look to the rest of the world? Many banks sprung up out of nowhere. Many of those new institutions will be bought up by bigger, more stable institutions.

I am fortunate to live in a home by myself. Many people are forced to have roommates in order to afford housing whether it’s owned or rented. This isn’t the American comfort I remember. The cost of living is out of control.

Once upon a time our society revolved around family and family values. In the dot com era, the employees that were promoted were those who worked beyond five o’clock and on the weekends.

Relationships are harder to sustain when a person is forced to choose between career and relationships. I guess you can say that most of us bought into money, property, and prestige. This is an opportunity for each individual to decide what quality of life they wish to choose.

Isn’t it a paradox that on our American currency are the words, “In God We Trust”? Where is God in this? Out of the seemingly bad comes good. This is an opportunity for every person to focus inside, connect with a Higher Power, and just know we will all emerge better and happier beings! It’s time for our country to become more spiritually minded.

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